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Organised Family Archive

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I’m so glad to share that I’ve finally found a way to organise my family’s photos, videos and stories… Besides having all the family archive available on an external hard drive + on my mum’s hard drive (there’s not enough space for this on my computer), it is very convenient to have all the family photos and videos available with several clicks of a mouse anywhere in the world in order to easily share special events with family and friends.

WordPress is my solution! 🙂

I have considered and tried other sites like Facebook / Google + (sharing only with close “Friends” of course) or Tumblr (having a site protected by a password). But  having gained a lot of experience in working with WordPress, I have realised this is the best option for me and returned to it.

Because what is important for me in such a website is that:

  • the website can be made private – I’m not ready yet to share all my family history with the world 🙂
  • everything can be organised in a chronological way
  • one can create galleries
  • one can ‘backdate’ – post something as if it was posted years ago (Tumblr, for example, makes it a bit messy on the back end – where one edits the site..)
  • one can make drafts in advance or schedule posts
  • videos can be embedded
  • the design can be adjusted
  • there is a tagging option
  • there is a calendar
  • visitors can leave comments

WordPress has all these functions and more…

So, what I’ve done is – I have:

  • signed up for ‘another WordPress site’
  • made the site private
  • chose a sleek minimal theme – ‘Forever’ 🙂
  • adjusted the functionality of the site to my preferences
  • created posts for all the family events or photo collections
  • created galleries (in those posts) with photos from our trips or with our guests, or from events and so on.. – uploaded lots of pictures on the wordpress server (still a lot left to upload to be up-to-date, but still lots of free space left)
  • started to upload all the family videos to youtube (making them private too, so that only people who I choose can view them) and embed the videos into the posts on the WordPress site
  • been in the process of creating login details for my family members and friends, so that they can access the website

The only problem I’m having with WordPress is that there is no way to protect the website just with one password, like on Tumblr, so that anyone who has it can access the site without usernames or creating accounts… (In that case I would use Disquis to add a comments function..)

Other than that I’m very happy with how I’ve organised our family archive! 🙂

I plan to use the information from the website for my son Carl’s 1st year baby book: it should be much easier to create a physical book using the materials from the site, for everything will be already organised when the time comes to prepare the book.

My other plan is to do the same for my parents… They say they like the idea! 🙂 And I like doing nice things for them. ) I just need time…