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Learn German

In this post I would like to share with you what I recommend that you do if you’d like to speak German. The advice is based on my own experience and resources that I find useful. Some recommendations are rather general. If you’d like some more particular suggestions, let me know in the comments, I’ll elaborate then. 😉


  • Use textbooks (I’m listing those that I used – it’s good to have at least one textbook as a basis for learning):
  • Do exercises online – simply google “learn German online” or “online Deutsch Übungen” and you’ll find plenty + check out these
  • Arrange private tuition or attend classes (for a short time period to get the feel for learning) – Goethe Institut is a good school
  • Write down the most important rules + verbs with prefixes, verbs with prepositions and nouns with articles



  • German films with German subtitles – pause or rewind when you don’t understand + write down phrases
  • TV in German on Zattoo – here’s the list of TV stations in German language
  • to TV
  • to Audiobooks
  • to CD’s that come with textbooks
  • and always repeat what you hear
  • to German singers like (for example) Mia, Xavier Naidoo, Silbermond… – suggest if you know of some other good ones 😉
Use a dictionary:
Check out these sites as well:
  • think in German
  • find a German-speaking friend and talk to them regularly (Skype works great as well)
  • discuss topics that interest you with another learner
  • attend Stammtisch – search on google to find one in your town
  • write to someone


Cultural Centres in Moscow:

Cultural Centres in London:

I’d like to add: don’t be too overwhelmed by the amount of resources available out there. What helps me is to just choose one or two main resources and stick to them and try to practise/use the language as soon as I have a feel for it. If there’s no chance to speak to someone, repeat as much as you can after what you hear on CD’s, on TV, in films… and very importantly try to think as often as you can in the language that you’re learning.

Good luck!

Hope this helps! 😉 I invite you to share your German-learning experience or ask questions in the comments. I’ll be happy to hear from you.