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Sophisticated Travel

Here are the resources I would use to do the research before travelling:




  • To find the best deal remember to check airlines’ own websites. And if you want a discount on your accommodation, negotiate with a hotel directly – check out this ‘fun fact’.

Of course I would also use google search for any particular questions that might arise… 😉

Happy travelling! )


Delikatessen in Hamburg

I’ve recently stumbled upon an article in one German newspaper about the best “gourmet food” shops in Hamburg. I think it’s good to know where one can get some of the best products.. 🙂 So when you’re in Hamburg, check these out (some of them also have online shops):






Fruit & Vegetables


Sweets / Oils / Other Delikatessen / Spices

Asian Food


You can find all of these shops on a map here. For Effenberger, see “Verkaufsstellen“, for Springer Bio-Backwerk see “Kontakt/Läden“.

If you know of other gourmet shops, would you please share in the comments.. 😉

London’s Healthy Eating

What is “healthy eating”? Under this term people usually understand that the products are organic, responsibly handled, cooked in a better way – not too fried, not cooked like crazy so there’re no vitamins left, without using too much oil or butter or processed ingredients like white flour/white sugar/refined oils and so on…

So in this post I would like to share where in London one can find those “healthy” food options – usually it’s either in a place that is entirely devoted to this concept, like an organic restaurant/shop or it is a rather expensive place that sources high-quality ingredients, so it’s easy to eat healthy in such a place. Or it might be a dedicated aisle to organic products in a supermarket like Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and so on..

Here’s the list of places in London that I’ve already been to or would go to eat or buy “healthy” foods from:

Restaurants & Cafes

Healthy by their definition:

With healthy options available:


Online Shops

Friends, if you’d like to add anything, please share it in the comments below. 😉

Organise with Evernote

Organise your thoughts, plans, ideas, documents electronically in Evernote – ‘Remember everything’. Access from the computer, mobile app, iPad app.

I use it for:

  • storing articles that I might want to read in the future – in word/pdf/photo formats (I will eventually upload them to google doc’s)
  • storing my travel and hotel booking information to have it on my iPhone easily accessible in electronic (paper-free) format when we travel
  • storing recipes with pictures
  • shopping lists + pictures
  • notes from books/blogs/articles
  • writing down thoughts/answering questions for myself

Check out Evernote website and find out about all the things you could do with this tool. It can be used for anything. 🙂

Note: after following someone’s advice to divide my activities by projects, I had also divided all my notes by projects/areas of my life. Some time later I found this not as useful as it might seem to be, for some notes correspond to several areas/projects, and such division makes it more difficult to locate a particular note. That is why now I am distinguishing notes just by names: I put all the important info in the name of the note (the main key words in the beginning make it easy to find the note alphabetically) and I make use of a search function.

Hope you find Evernote useful too. 😉

Organise with WorkFlowy

Organise your projects with WorkFlowy.

This online tool enables us to keep track of our notes in organised lists – accessible from anywhere where there is internet connection.

So far I have been using WorkfFowy to:

  • plan my trips – keep track of my ideas, of places to visit, of links to those places/restaurants and other useful info for travelling…
  • outline my blogs – write down ideas, plan topics, keep useful links organised…

I intend to put all my projects and task on to WorkFlowy – I find it very useful.

Note: the creators advise us to use tags in our notes, but I personally don’t find it useful, for it’s very easy to search the notes using the ‘Search’ function in the top left corner of the web-page.

I hope you find WorkFlowy useful too. 😉

Here it comes again… My blogging )

I am starting to continue my ‘blog’ again!

Going to tell you a bit about my life. First, about my summer that is sadly coming to an end now… And then, about my plans.


After my exams at uni (KCL) were over, Paul and I went on a week-long trip to the South-West of Germany. We shortly visited such towns as Würtzburg, Heidelberg, Trier, Koblenz… See our trip on the map 🙂 Frankfurt was our meeting point.

We had a great time: were mostly relaxing, tasting German food specialities, walking around the old towns, enjoying the nice weather and atmosphere. =) and peace…

After that I came back to London and headed to the sports camp in Devonshire: http://www.nubeginnings.co.uk/

Yes, it is a weight-loss camp and most people come there to lose weight. However, what I wanted was a week of exercises to tone up my muscles, try different activities, such as hiking, quigong, intensity training, and to learn more about healthy eating. This time a week of work out was much better than last September: it was warm outside and we had time to rest, plus, there were less people, and everyone had individual attention.

Then in the end of July I went to Russia! It was so much fun: I met with all my grandparents and a lot of my friends.

First though, Paul and I attended my old friend Katya’s wedding in Saint-Petersburg, after which he left for Hamburg to start his summer internship. The event was full of joy, love and happiness! We wish Katya and Gleb to always-always-always be happy together! And to have peace and harmony in their family. 😉

All in all, I had a great time with my friends in Moscow, seeing everyone changing and enjoying their lives. We were walking in the parks, around the centre of Moscow and some other places, singing karaoke, taking salsa lessons and more… ) Guys! I am happy to have you as my friends! And hope we always keep in touch! =)

In the middle of July I went to see Paul in Hamburg. And then we had our graduation ceremonies in London.

Soon after I was hoping to get a working permit to be able to do an internship in Germany. However, the day before the appointment in the Embassy I realised I did not have any spare pages for new visas in my passport -> I had to fly to Moscow to apply for a new one!

Then Paul and I attended Dream event in Berlin together: http://www.dreamwandering.com/. We saw David Guetta and DJ Tiesto performing live. =)

Not long after that I went to Madrid to learn Spanish! That was fantastic! =) I got to know very nice new people, with whom I was getting to know Madrid and its tasty side too! (see my previous post) =) And I have managed to start speaking in Spanish! Feels great! )

Last weekend I was in Hamburg again to see Paul. We saw Inception. What can I say about it? The graphics, landscapes and backgrounds were fabulous and breathtaking, I could not take my eyes off the screen; nevertheless, they could have come up with a better story…

Now I am in Moscow. I have got this new passport. It has 46 pages and expires in 10 years. I hope that it will be enough for me for now, and I do not have to worry about how many spare pages I have left there… =))) Flying to London tomorrow. My plan now is: to get another German visa and go to Hamburg on Monday.

Then my uni starts on the 10th September. This is what I will be studying: http://www.cass.city.ac.uk/masters/courses/mscreal/index.html

Everything else is yet undetermined…

All the best to you all!


Yes, it was tasty! =)

I have recently come back from Madrid, where I was learning Spanish and was really enjoying my tasting experiences. Besides trying croquettas, tortilla and paella at home, made by the woman with whom I lived, I went to eat out very often with my friends, and every time we had something new delicious to try.

There are several places that I liked the most:

Kaixo Taberna (c/Barcelona 12, 28012 Madrid) – We ate there probably 7 times. And every time was as tasty as the last one although the dishes were different. One can get a healthy and nutritious meal in this restaurant. Plus they are open for lunch too, and their prices are not too high.

La Cava del Faraón (http://lacavadelfaraon.restaurantesok.com/) – It is an Egyptian restaurant. You will be really full having a taster starter menu, which is delicious. The prices here are however a bit high (especially the price of tea, which is not that nice of them…)

Felix Food Society (http://www.felixshops.com/) – This is a small food store where you can buy stuff to take away. They have healthy snacks and cooking ingredients. Also one can have a coffee there. I liked the most their tomato soup (called ‘gazpacho’): there were no nasty ingredients in it and it was rather filling (I had it with a cucumber). =)

Viva la Vida (http://www.vivalavida.vg/) – It is also a food shop and take away. It is healthy, has a lot of vegetarian options and healthy sweets.

Mercado de San Miguel (next to Plaza Mayor) – This is a great place to buy food for home or to have a quick snack. There are a lot of healthy options obviously. =)

Mallorca Pastelería (Mallorca on the map) – The sweetest place ever! Has the greatest choice of sandwiches, pastries, cakes and chocolates. Also if you’re looking for a healthier option, they sell all kinds of cheeses. Moreover, one can eat in or take away. Even Pedro Almodovar goes there!

Museo del Jamón (on the map) – Also a good place to have a rustic experience, eating carpaccio’s, cheeses with bread, and drinking wine or a cerveza.

Yogurterias – I have found 3:

Cherry Pop (http://www.cherrypopmadrid.com/) – (we went to this one. It is self service, which is very convenient as one can control exactly what and how much yoghurt and toppings they want to put into their cup)

Llaollao (http://www.llaollao.es/)

Ömygood (http://www.omygood.es/)

(Let me know how good the other two are…) =)

And… let me know if you’ve found some other nice places in Madrid!

Would be nice to get some references. =)

Be Happy! =)